The Brand

The Brand

Why a tree?

A tree is the classic metaphor for life and growth. I created this personal brand of our law firm to symbolize and honor my personal growth as a human and as a lawyer – a trial lawyer.

All trees begin with a seed and slowly evolve and grow into a substantial living organism. A tree grows it’s roots, getting deeper and deeper with nourishment and age. The roots are the origin of a life. The roots provide stability for its trunk, branches and leaves to grow in their own unique ways. But not all branches and leaves remain on its tree. Leaves change with the season and sometimes branches just simply do not serve its purpose any longer, and break off. A tree also provides the most important thing to live – Oxygen! Trees provide protection from elements, but a lone tree stands in danger of those same elements. A tree in a forest has the support of other trees around it and with that support, it stands through turmoil. It becomes flexible when the wind blows and over time it gets stronger and stronger as long as it is nourished.

The seed to be a trial lawyer was planted from the moment I took my first breath. My dad is a trial lawyer and was successfully being the voice of the injured long before I was born. Growing up with a dad committed to fighting for the injustices of human beings injured because of the negligence of other people and corporations, we as a family were always learning about the struggles and difficulties that face them. Because of this, so much of me is rooted in the understanding, empathy and compassion for the people I represent today.

The Brand | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC

The Brand

A Tree with the Lady Justice is the combined symbol of Growth and Justice

When I went to law school I knew this is the type of work I wanted to do. I immediately dove into trial work after graduating from law school. I was taking depositions of negligent drivers within a month of having my license to practice law. But after practicing law and living in Pennsylvania – as an adult and owning my own home -something was missing. I didn’t know exactly what it was but I knew I needed to make a change.

Alana's Brand | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC

In 2009 I told my dad I wanted to try living in Colorado. He told me, “we all have our roots and our branches, and branches go in many different directions.” The branch keeping me in Pennsylvania was no longer serving my tree and I was growing another branch that needed nourishment. So I moved to Colorado on my own in 2010. I continued to practice remotely with my PA firm but another branch outside the law was starting to grow. That branch didn’t survive long and broke away quickly, but it became apparent I wanted to keep strong the lawyer branch and it sprouted again into opening an Anzalone Law Offices branch in Colorado.

The Colorado branch has been growing since 2013 and has been evolving into its own unique tree and brand. I have been passionately fighting for people who have suffered significant loss in their lives, whether it is due to their own injuries or the injury or death of a loved one. As I focus on what I want and care about, it became evident that it is the connection with my clients. The more I connect with them, the more I can shield them from the storm and they support my growth.

While I am certainly not done growing, and I am sure to shed and grow more branches, my roots are deep and strong, and will continue to evolve and get better and better.

Why the Lady Justice?

Lady Justice has long been an icon for Justice in the Courts. She is a symbol for fairness and equality. Justice has long been portrayed through a woman. In Greek Mythology, Themis was known for clear-sidedness and in Roman Mythology, Justicia was known for justice.

She has three distinct features:

  • The blindfold: “Justice is Blind”. She does not judge based on what she sees. She uses her mind and her senses to assess what is just.
  • The Scale: Scales represent impartiality.
  • The Sword: Her sword represents power.

As a trial lawyer, I am called up to advocate and fight for my clients truthfully, fairly, and factually, and to ensure every case is given the justice it deserves under the values depicted in this iconic figure.

Lady Justice | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC

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