Laser Aesthetic Burns

Laser Aesthetic

Laser Aesthetic Burns

Colorado has a “delegation and supervision” of medical services law that allows unlicensed persons to perform “medical aesthetic services” without a physician on site.   Medical Aesthetic Service include the use of lasers, radio-frequency devices, intense pulsed light, or other technique that results in the revision, destruction, incision, or other structural alteration of human tissue and/or for hair removal; and the performance of injection(s) of any substance into he human body.  RULE 800 3 CCR 713-30.  This includes any type of facial using lasers, tattoo removal, and laser hair removal.  It also includes injection of Botox, Dysport, filler, Juvéderm, or any other injectable dermal fillers. Id.

Colorado does not require a technician to have a license to perform such medical aesthetic services.  Even though the technician must be given detailed written instructions from the medical director, the medical director does not need to be on site.  This leads to frequent error regarding assessing skin types and energy settings.

Laser Aesthetic Burns | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC
Laser Aesthetic Burns | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC

The Fitzpatrick Scale

Prior to performing a laser procedure, the technician should evaluate the patient’s skin type using a Fitzpatrick scale. The Fitzpatrick scale identifies skin type in six classifications (Type I – Type VI).  Individuals with skin types ranging in Type IV have an increased risk of being burned by a laser, which makes it imperative that the energy settings are low and more treatment sessions expected.  Often, facilities want to accomplish a patient’s goals quicker and will use a higher setting without first performing a test spot, however, this creates a higher risk of burn and likelihood of permanent scarring.

When choosing a provider to perform medical aesthetics, such as laser hair removal, IPL facials, BBL Facials, tattoo removal and more, be sure to read reviews and ask questions about how frequently the medical director supervises the procedures.  The law provides too much flexibility leading to an inherent lack of supervision.  If you have been burned because of one of these procedures, please call me and we can walk through the process of whether you have a case against the facility.

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Amazing Job!

“Alana did an amazing job on my case! I had ipl laser done to help with my rosacea and the woman ended up burning my face and actually took the top layer of skin off on my forehead. I knew something was wrong right after. I immediately went to the dermatologist the next morning so worried about the damage that I was going to be left with. I was referred to Alana to get help to pay for the damage that’s been done. Also to hopefully make the spa aware of who they are hiring to do these procedures on people. Long story short… I am very happy with Alana’s help and I would definitely recommend her!”

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