Birth Injury/Trauma

Birth Injury
Birth Trauma

Having a baby is typically joyful, exciting and happy, but it is also scary and stressful.

There is a large fear of the unknown for what delivery may bring for the mom and the baby. But this fear is reasonable and valid. The birthing process is risky and can lead to injuries to the mom and the baby. While it is true some of the injuries are unavoidable, many injuries are due to negligent care provided by the doctor, the nurses, the midwife, and/or the hospital. Unfortunately a birth injury can result in death of the baby, or long lasting and likely permanent disabilities for the baby, such as Erb’s Palsy, Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) or Hypoxia, Seizures, Birth Asphyxia, Cerebral Palsy, Bruising, Paralysis of the Face, Injury to the Brain, Spinal Cord Trauma, Skull Fractures, or other Birth Injuries.

Birth Injury | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC
Birth Injury | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC

If a child is born with one of these injuries, they may require long term health care for which they deserve to be compensated. As a mom and a woman, I am passionate about being the voice to children injured at birth, and their parents. Babies are so innocent and deserve a full and uninhibited life. Parents already have so many changes in life with a new baby, that the idea of a future of never-ending medical bills is frightening and overwhelming. My job is to relieve the pressure of the impending medical bills they are about to endure. I fight for families so they can focus on being a family. No money will replace the fact that a baby may have a permanent disabling injury, but hopefully I can make the imposition it places on every day life easier.

If you believe your baby suffered an injury from birth, call me and we can walk through the process. It is my pleasure and honor to stand up for the injured. Anzalone Law Offices’ mission is to balance the compassion for clients with the fight for justice.

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