Car Crash

Car Crash

Car crashes are always unexpected, and it’s difficult to be prepared when one occurs.

If it happens to you it may be physically, financially and psychologically devastating. Resulting injuries, pain and suffering, and lack of understanding of the laws can be frustrating and overwhelming at a time when you are most vulnerable. You’ll want someone to looking out for you and your best interests. Our team of experienced car accident lawyers are prepared to fight for your rights and make sure you are treated justly.

Automobile accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Driving too fast, intoxication from alcohol or drugs, driver exhaustion, poor weather, mechanical problems and distracted drivers are only some examples of many possibilities. The stats are scary and the effects life altering. Don’t let your or your family’s lives be ruined by the carelessness of another person.

Car Crash | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC
Car Crash | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC

Tens of thousands of individuals are killed in car crashes annually.

Many more are hurt. The trauma is often severe and too often deadly. Surgical procedures, hospital stays and rehab treatments lead to tremendous financial costs. With the growing amount of cars on the roads every year, car and truck accidents are sadly becoming far too frequent.

The US averages six million car and truck accidents every single year. Over three million individuals get hurt, and over two million of these injuries end up permanent. We receive calls every day from people who’ve endured pain and suffering because of the negligence of another person. The Anzalone Law Offices believe that if motorists drive more responsibly, the vast majority of these accidents could be prevented.

Steps to take After a Car Crash

If you have been in an automobile accident you undoubtedly know it can be a confusing, trying time. Also, it’s difficult to know what to do first. We’ve put together a checklist outlining important steps to take right after an accident occurs. This will help you be better prepared. Please do not hesitate to print these pages out and keep it in your car for easy access in the case an unfortunate accident does occur.


Remain at the scene of the accident, even if your car can still be driven. Certain state regulations demand that all involved parties stay at the location of the accident until law enforcement arrives. That said, you are allowed to move your vehicle if it is blocking the road or obstructing traffic in any way. If you are seriously injured, stay in your vehicle until help arrives!


Immediately call the police or dial 911 for help if anyone is injured and needs medical assistance. Be sure to inform the police if any involved parties appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even if there are no injuries in the accident, a police report usually needs to be filed before an insurance company will consider covering accident claims, so you should always call the police. When everyone is out of harm’s way, you can then get any other information you’ll need.


Witnesses may leave the scene of an accident without penalty because laws don’t require them to stay. Nonetheless, try to speak to any present witnesses and get their phone number(s). If necessary, this can help provide a 3rd party point of view of what happened. If you file a lawsuit, an additional confirmation of your story may make an impact in the outcome of the case. When medical workers and/or any police officers arrive at the scene, retrieve their names and a form of identification such as a badge number.


Unfortunately you will be faced with whether your car is drivable or whether you will need a tow. Please do not drive your car if you have concerns it is severely damaged or clearly damaged. Go home and try to take it easy.

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