Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

When you are under the care of a medical professional, it is human nature to trust them to do their job responsibly, appropriately, and to take care of their patients. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to substandard medical care and negligent conduct by a doctor, hospital, nurse, or any other healthcare provider.

Medical providers are held to a higher standard and they must abide by that standard when caring for patients. If a medical provider fails to perform their job, they can cause very serious injuries and even death. Medical Malpractice can include: Failure to Diagnose or Delay in Diagnosis of Medical Conditions, Misdiagnosis or Mismanagement of Medical Conditions, Surgical Malpractice, Birth Injury and Birth Trauma, Brain Damage, Mismanaged Hospital Care, Medication Errors, Failure to Observe/Identify Fall Risks, Wound Care, Negligent Assembly or Maintenance of Surgical and Hospital Room Equipment/Tables, and many other circumstances.

Medical Malpractice | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC
Medical Malpractice | Alana Anzalone Law Offices, LLC

Proving Medical Malpractice.

Proving a medical provider was negligent requires a legal team with experience talking to doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, or any other type of medical provider necessary to prove your case and not being afraid to go to trial. Anzalone Law Offices is passionate about representing those who have been injured or are victims of medical negligence or medical malpractice, and is honored to be their voice against large insurance companies who insure the medical providers or hospitals.

If you believe you have been injured as a result of medical malpractice, call me and we can walk through the process. It is my pleasure and honor to stand up for the injured. Anzalone Law Offices’ mission is to balance the compassion for clients with the fight for justice.

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Amazing Job!

“Alana did an amazing job on my case! I had ipl laser done to help with my rosacea and the woman ended up burning my face and actually took the top layer of skin off on my forehead. I knew something was wrong right after. I immediately went to the dermatologist the next morning so worried about the damage that I was going to be left with. I was referred to Alana to get help to pay for the damage that’s been done. Also to hopefully make the spa aware of who they are hiring to do these procedures on people. Long story short… I am very happy with Alana’s help and I would definitely recommend her!”

Amanda S.

What types of medical malpractice cause harm to patients?

Since medicine is complex, the opportunities to make serious medical errors are almost limitless. It is possible, however, to divide instances of medical negligence into the following broad categories:


Mistaking the cause of throat pain as acid reflux rather than cancer or misdiagnosing Lyme disease as colitis are examples of diagnostic errors.


Making an incorrect diagnosis, misinterpreting diagnostic tests, or delay in making a diagnosis occur in an estimated 10 to 20 percent of all instances in which doctors are called upon to make a diagnosis. One study found that 28 percent of diagnostic errors cause serious harm. Another study suggests that as many as 40,500 patients admitted to intensive care units each year die as the result of diagnostic errors. Overall, diagnostic errors may be responsible for as many as 80,000 deaths per year.


A typical example of mistaken surgery involves operating on the left knee when the right knee needed surgical repair.

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